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About the Artist

Inci Jones – About the Artist

Why did I start creating art – this way?

When the stars align and you are guided to follow them to exciting uncharted artistic territory, whether it be in front of the camera or behind the camera as the photographer. I was there with wonder and enthusiasm every step of the way.  I also just happened to find the love of my life, who is also creative soul and at the time a fashion photographer. Our relationship further catapulted me into a world where creativity was constant and prerequisite.   

Art has always been a part of my life in one form or another.. I could go on about how I started creating from a very young age, but most creatives start young. As I progressed in my life’s adventures from painting to photography, I embraced everything and anything that could express the beauty of colors and forms, light and shadow.  

“When I create art it’s almost like opening a box of the most decadent chocolates.  I have a tremendous amount of joy and want to savor the process with each and every step. I don’t want to miss out on any emotion of beauty as it develops in front of my eyes.”

But life in its infinite wisdom takes one down a road that you never expected. In Fall of 2016 I received some unexpected news.

I.had.uterine. cancer.

This type of cancer is not easy to detect. It is very evasive at first and very difficult to really tell if something is going on.  I don’t know of too many people that “expect” that kind of news, but after a lifetime of leading a very health conscious lifestyle, it was a bit of a shock.

During the eight-months that followed I went through chemotherapy, surgery and finally 3 more rounds of chemotherapy. There were some tough days of physical pain, nausea and anxiety that making art provided a much needed escape for those sometimes overwhelming feelings.

But there were many days when I just did not have the energy or ability to stand on my feet for extended periods of time to create art at the easel because of  tiredness and chemotherapy induced neuropathy. So I explored photography and digital art. In this medium, I could stay off my feet and still create art that was fresh, challenging and innovative.  

The piece ‘Evolution of a Sunset’ was created on one particular evening when I felt very bald, eyebrow-less and filled with anxiety. Entirely vulnerable. I had to create something that would take that vulnerability and turn it into something uplifting to soothe my soul.

In my imaginary world there were beautiful images and colors that danced before me as I created. In my pretend world, there wasn’t pain, anxiety or being afraid. There was beauty, love and a reassurance that all would be okay. I also realized that people worldwide could step away just for a moment to feel pure beauty and love in my artwork.  Just a moment in time to take the viewer away from reality to forget their anxieties and everyday struggles to see a beautiful world that only existed in this special place. After all, if it could take away my pain and anxiety…it could help many to enlighten and provide a source of joy and happiness in any space that the artwork was placed. 

It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a paintbrush, camera or computer. All are used individually or together as a medium to amplify the creative process and help the viewer forget everyday imagery and tune into a new dimension of emotionally feeling and experiencing art.  Re-inventing and editing the  information of an image to project and evoke an emotion on the viewer. Re-imagining colors and shapes to enliven the soul of all that see my art.

Creatively Ever After – Inci 

Update: Some of you have inquired how I was doing…Regarding my cancer, the doctors have pronounced me cancer free and the residual lingering side effects of chemotherapy are diminishing day by day. My only side effects now are some slight neuropathy in my feet and residual insomnia. And my hair has grown back thicker than ever and my eyebrows are back where they belong.