Making the Camera See Beyond Reality

The art form that I embrace takes photography to a new level of an imaginary place and time.

My vision was to re-invent the photographic image to project a dream-like view of the world, full of color and wonder; without any borders, rules or expectations. Each image becomes its own world. Common places and ordinary things take on a whole new meaning. Reminiscing back to the days when “pretending” was included into your daily routine and now has become a long forgotten memory as you reached adulthood.

Images are transitioned, lines are blurred or completely removed into a dreamlike state to project the essence and emotional signature of the place or object.

I developed my art process over a three year period. Syncing my photographic images with the artistic statement that I envisioned took a lot of experimenting. With the different iterations the artistic expressions evolved.  I have now created my own art process that is uniquely different and have received significant positive feedback and notoriety.

Although not in the conventional realm, the photographic art that I create conveys the emotional and spiritual aspects of the location as well as the visual in each photograph. Locations become less of “the model” and more of a real “breathing & soulful” experience.

Currently appearing at the IEMA Museum of art exhibition entitled:

Dialogue with Nature