Alchemy of Being

Alchemy of Being | Inci Jones Artist

Alchemy of Being

Today a letter came.

You’ve never received any kind of mail like this before.

The envelope is unusually oversized, your name in calligraphy on the front. So beautiful and elegant, you check the front, this can’t be for you. You don’t receive mail like this, maybe it was sent to the wrong address. You confirm…It is definitely addressed to you with your name clearly on the front.

Turning the envelope over, you break the official purple waxed seal on the back, then you gently slide out the thick, speckled handmade paper that is laced with flower petals. There is an herbally lavender fragrance that permeates the air as you take it out of the envelope. You carefully unfold the letter not really knowing who may have sent this mysterious correspondence to you .

As you open and start reading…. You smile…It is a love letter.

Your secret admirer..someone you’ve known for so very long.

As you read the beautiful words, tears well up in your eyes. No one has ever said words like this to you. They understand you from your most inner being to the silly little things that most would dismiss.

They praise your small accomplishments.

They understand your shortcomings.

But most importantly they understand that you are a spirit having a human experience.

You secret admirer was here all along you just didn’t pay attention to the messages. Your biggest champion, even when life was complicated. This unfolding of the spirit is a personal love letter from our own spirit and soul revealing our true self and mission. Our spirit evolution is a process of transformation and creation that is constantly reworking our inner psyche and being for the betterment of our evolution.