Art of Self Judgement 

Art of Self Judgement | Inci Jones Artist Art of Self Judgement | Inci Jones Artist

Art of Self Judgement 

As I write my post, the sky is giving a show of beautiful baby blue, pinks and coral hues of the last rays of the sun progressing into dusk. It’s one of those reflective moments that you thank the universe for the privilege of viewing the beauty of the fleeting moment. 

I watched the delicate transformation in the sky. I looked back at my iPad sitting on the dining room table. It patiently waits for me to come back and write my thoughts and reflections. 

“Let the colors of your soul have no boundaries.”

Inci Jones Artist 

I realized that being an artist or creative comes with some great points in your personality and psychology.  And some not so great tendencies that show up in the most inopportune times. Mainly, when you absolutely need to create, even if you don’t know how or when to get inspiration. 

When you create art of any kind, it’s vital that no judgement creeps in. 

It’s time to create as the artistic experience dictates. Without judgement or preconceived notions. It doesn’t matter if every piece that you produce, whether it be visual, music or literary is perceived as “good”. It should be an expression of your thoughts and experiences in life. The primary goal is to make the viewer feel emotions from your works. Your only “job” is to convey that emotion and feeling via your artwork.

How do you measure up? 

This is what happens when you show someone your artwork or you post it online. There is an instant thought as you post. Will anyone like it? I think everyone has this thought, at some point. Then you might scroll through and look at other artists. And they seem to be so talented. Then you might be tempted to just take down your post. But there are a few individuals that give zero thought to the judgment of others. But that seems to be a rare occurrence, but something worth striving for.  

The mindset of the creative, when set on the process of creating, rather than the end result, can help to keep things in perspective. There are quite a few artists that say when they are finished with a painting, they are definitely ready to move on. They consider the experience completed once the painting or project is finished, and really don’t want to revisit by hanging on to compliments or conversely any negativity. 

The secret is minimizing self judgment and keeping a constant forward motion with artistic creation. Most importantly, do not compare yourself to others. Do not judge your art making by placing a judgment on any aspect of your creation. 

The takeaway is, you will be a lot happier and more satisfied with your artwork. And interestingly, your artwork will actually become better. Because you have freed your mind and projected a positive energy of creation instead of muddling it with unproductive insecurity and negativity. 

“The inner self is a battle of boundaries.”

Inci Jones Artist 

This is something that you may have to do step by step, and day by day. Be easy on yourself and take time to appreciate your talents and let your gifts shine on the world.

If you like this post, you may want to tune into our Thought Row podcast. It’s a wonderful way to nurture and develop your creativity & motivation in a somewhat noisy world. Stay well my friends ~ Inci