Falling in Place

Falling into Place | Inci Jones Artist Falling into Place | Mixed Media | Inci Jones Artist

Falling into Place

What does serendipity + a cumulation of experience & energy = ?  This is an equation that has brought some to the hamster wheel of never realizing the dreams they would like in life. While others seem to manifest helpful people and opportunities at every corner, with the least amount of effort. 

What is their secret?

Why do some people seem to have “All the luck?”

But why not YOU? 


It’s a simple formula really. Like attracts like – I’ve mentioned this before. Here’s an example. Many of us simply tune into the wrong “station” and expect profound results. It would be like tuning into a show like the sports channel, when you really wanted to watch the cooking channel. Change the channel in your mind and your thoughts will coincide with the place you want to be in life. You are the only person that can accomplish this for you. 

The most valuable commodity that you have is your energy and intentions. Focus them on the positive things you want in life, instead of dwelling on the negatives. This is no easy feat when you begin on your manifestation journey. But day by day your negative thoughts will subside as you reprogram your mind on your mission. 

Then as you incorporate this thought process into your life, you will notice that things just seem to fall into place. Without extra effort, anxiety or worry. The best part about this whole process you will discover that it really was effortless on your part because you just allowed the energies to flow into your life. 

“It’s all about permission, and what you allow

in your life.” – Inci Jones artist

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