Getting to Know You

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Getting to Know You

I know when I look at my social media feeds, just like you…I “like” the photos and comment, and try to be supportive to all of my friends. Even though sometimes some friends get lost in the algorithm shuffle, depending upon which platform you use. 

So this week I wanted to try something different, and perhaps cut through the algorithm nonsense. Below I will give “3 Things that You Don’t Know About Me” and I’m hoping that you will join me in the fun by adding 3 things about YOU in the comment section below. Don’t be shy, they can be fun, goofy or even weird. But something that is uniquely you. And if you can’t come up with 3 things, one is great! And if you have 10 things…that is great too!

Also while you are typing in cool things about yourself, go ahead and recommend someone that is a friend (other than me), so we can change how social media “gates” people. This way we can expand our friend circle by following friends that we normally may not get to see. 

Okay..Here are my 3 Things You Don’t Know About Me:

  1. I’ve had a passport since I was 6-weeks old and have been traveling the globe ever since.
  2. My first job was being an Avon lady in high school. I had my mom sign up (because you had to be 18 – and I was 16) and I sold Avon during class. I never got caught in class though. 
  3. I’m currently obsessed with dark roast coffee with a splash of canned evaporated milk with stevia. It is delicious. And also obsessed with strawberries & whipped cream for dessert.  


So now it’s your turn. I would love to know more about you. I can’t wait to see your answers and get to know you. Love and positive vibes to you.