Permission to Dream

Permission to Dream | Inci Jones Artist Permission to Dream | Mixed Media | Inci Jones artist

Permission to Dream 


Do dreams interfere with reality? When do you stop chasing the “easy fix” to your life? When do you actually begin to chase your dreams instead of being responsible? 

Many times our dream life vs our life in reality can be majorly different. But why is that? Why do we settle for okay…instead of going for the gold…the dream? Sure, we all have financial commitments and want to have a comfortable life, that ‘s not what I am referring to. Because you can have a “job” – job and still pursue your dreams. You don’t have to be the irresponsible dreamer.

The energy to edit life in humans is very high. It is a way to survive, and make sure that our families and ourselves are in a stable, productive, nurturing environment. But editing out pursuing your dreams, can be one side-step that can impact your happiness and the purpose of your life. 

There are some thoughts to consider; the more you edit your life and deny yourself the things you want, and deny yourself of the fruition of your dreams, the more stressed and unhappy you will become. This is the worst denial of all. Energy always attracts like, so if you are unhappy and stressed, you will attract exactly the same. Plus you can add resentment, anger and jealousy to the mix as time goes on. 

The simple solution is “give yourself permission to dream”. Yes, just daydream. Set aside 10-15 minutes, 2-3 times a week to “imaginate”. Just like when you were a kid or a teenager. Daydream and write down your wonderful visions, if you wish. I guarantee that you will thoroughly enjoy doing this activity. If you’ve tried meditation and can’t really get into it, just daydream. It will definitely put you in a better mood and make you feel energized and filled with excitement. 

When you have given yourself “Permission to Dream” for about a month then you are ready for the next step. This simple act that you just gifted yourself will help you to focus on the wonderful things you can accomplish. Then set a target day and take one small action step towards that dream. Then everyday just do one thing, it can be small or major, towards accomplishing some task that moves you closer to realizing and materializing your dream. 

In six months…how much have you accomplished? As we all know, time will pass anyways, but in those six months you have gotten to make your dreams a reality for you. I guarantee that you will feel happy, elated, loving and filled with a new energy that everyone will notice. 

It’s the one thing you can do for yourself that no one else can do for you. And it won’t even cost a penny. Finding your purpose in life and realizing dreams is one of the most fulfilling accomplishments that you can gift to yourself. 

“I dreamt a dream…and my dream dreamt me.” 

Inci Jones artist