Snow Can Be Deep in More Ways Than One 

Snow Can Be Deep in More Ways Than One | Inci Jones Artist

Snow Can Be Deep in More Ways Than One 

Going from the warm and cozy kitchen fragranced with homemade bread and brownies, to the freezing cold garage was a bit of a shock. I pressed the glowing red ‘open’ button on the garage door opener, and I flicked on the outside light that lit the driveway. As the garage door rolled up to open, it revealed an Alpen night scene outside, I felt my mouth open into a silent “Oh,” instantly.

It had snowed alright. It looked like a good 3-feet of the white stuff had accumulated from yesterday. In fact, if you were to use the car parked in the driveway as a snow gauge, it was half way up the side of the Suburban. But still it continued to snow. Snowing gently one-minute with big feathery flakes, the next minute mixed with tiny ice flakes that seem to make a pinging sound as they hit the gutters on the house. Then all of a sudden the snow picked up the pace, to a blizzard-like intensity that was not usual for our area. There were so many white flakes flying and floating it was difficult to see the trees across the street, which were really not that far away. But tonight, the snow provided an unusual silence, except for the almost imperceptible effervescent sound it seemed to make as it hit the furrows of snow. 

I walked back through the garage to the kitchen door and closed the garage door. As I entered the house, the kitchen felt nice and warm, being thankful that the storm had not knocked out our power. 

My husband had lit the fireplace and you could hear the pops and crackles from the logs as I walked through the house. We sat by the fire and listened to the snow make sprinkling sounds as the wind blew the flakes against the window. For a long while we sat admiring the fire dancing and flickering, enjoying its generous heat. 

The warmth of the fire spurred thoughts, musings and conversations of art, philosophy and life experiences. Together we shared so much, and yet we kept growing; as a couple and individually. 

So many times in relationships one person grows and the other would rather stay put. Keeping their life at a status quo. After all, why change and cause discomfort when it’s not necessary? 

But change is what opens new opportunities and new ways to find out more about each other. Learning to love each other in ways that we did not expect or anticipate. This contrast may help you and your partner learn the language of love like the unpredictable, yet beautiful depth that snow brings.

“The inner spirit enjoys the company of a soulmate.”  Inci Jones Artist 

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