Transcending Beauty

Transcending Beauty | Inci Jones Artist

Transcending Beauty


Last night just before drifting off to sleep my last words were, “ Art transcends time.

Its beauty lasts forever.”

Rod my husband and fellow artist, and I had a conversation on how fleeting “important things” are in life. What is SO very important today….will it be as important in a year…2 years? Five years? The only thing that truly transcends time is the beauty of art.

For instance, when Beethoven lived, the emperor of Austria was a VIP. Several hundred years later I doubt that too many people even recall his name, let alone his importance politically and relevance to our lives today. Whereas Beethoven’s music still lives on. He and his music is still relevant 250 years later, filled with beauty and genius to this very day.

I also thought about Michelangelo and his sculptures. Not too many people can disagree with the fact that his sculptures of David and the Pieta are breathtaking.

This leads me to the inspiration and production for all of my art…the ability to tune into the beauty of the world and to bring everyone that views it a glimpse into feeling the love, beauty, energy and emotion of each piece.

I wish everyone – love and creativity