Floral Integrity

Floral Integrity | Inci Jones

Floral Integrity – Oil on Canvas

Some say that a person’s life is much like an onion. Our exterior lives have a thin paper-like layer that covers the deep layers that hide within. 

But how do you access those deeper layers and make good use of the experiences and gifts that we all possess? And for women, sometimes the layers that lie deep within your soul can become too compartmentalized, making the layers difficult to access when you want them to contribute to your creativity. 

The surface layer: This is a layer that many people see you as…your “Surface You”. Your physical attributes, your outward appearance. The saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” applies here. Sometimes outward appearances don’t tell the whole story. But many that are surface oriented acquaintances and “friends”, don’t really want to go past the surface you. It’s comfortable for them to know you on that level. 

The responsible layer: If you are a wife and/or mother this is the layer that frequently gets in the way of creativity. You have responsibilities like tending to household chores, cooking, taking care of your husband, children, pets and the like. You may have a “day job” that takes a certain amount of time each day. Then you come home and do your “home job”. I refer to this as a “job” because this layer is not the emotional one, it’s more of an auto-pilot. Most of us make these top priority and is the number one reason why you may not create. 

The love layer: When we have love in our lives it is the most joyous, complete emotion that one can feel. But your “love” emotions are different for every person. For instance the love you feel for your parents is vastly different from what you feel for your spouse. Which is entirely different than what you feel for your children. It is also quite different from the love you feel for friends and extended family. But does the emotion of love deter or enhance your creativity. It’s difficult to come to a conclusion on this layer. Many are inspired by love and write sonnets, songs, create paintings and sculptures and the like. For others love can be an enormous obsession-like deterrent, thwarting any semblance of creativity emerging. 

The soul layer: This is where you can call on your creativity at the spiritual level. We all have a soul layer, it is the very essence of our being. The part that is uniquely you. There is no one like you on the planet. Recently I read an article that stated that over 4,000 ancestors had to walk the earth before you evolved. That is a lot of generational contribution to the Universe to make YOU happen. 

The key is to tie into all of these “layers” in your soul. Don’t compartmentalize, don’t judge and don’t get frustrated. Embrace your perceived flaws, your mistakes. Why not? That should be your mantra…”Why not?” Share your experience with the world and make your flaws and shortcomings a highlight. Negativity of denying these very things seizes the creative channel that helps to promote your creativity. 

“True creativity is a blessing that is

built within us all.”