Attitude for Gratitude

Gratitude | Inci Jones Artist

Attitude for Gratitude – mixed media


November mornings in a forest begin with a certain crispness in anticipation of December’s inevitable winter. The morning sun lightly trickled in the bedroom window just a few inches shy of my bed. I woke up at precisely 6:30 a.m. and thanked the sunrise that was the color of a freshly made Orange Julius. The pine tree near my bedroom window seems to take on different shapes as the light changes, it entertains me with its morphing and sense of humor. Today the limbs wave like a poodle wagging its poofy tail when the breeze catches it in a certain way. My lips curve into a small sweet smile because it reminds me of our daughter’s dog Lucy, even though she is not a poodle. Lucy, like most rescue dogs, is a mixed bag of blonde terrier and dachshund. Her hind legs are taller and terrier-like than her shorter dachshund front legs, making her look sort of like a wheel barrow. Then I expressed my gratitude for my family, that they are well and happy and my wonderful loving husband, beautiful daughter & son-in-law and grand dog.

I blinked my blurry eyes to help focus my nearsighted vision. There were dots of gold in the distance. This is the time of year that you can tell if they are oak trees or not, because their leaves change to vivid colors of yellow and orange, between the evergreen pines that always stayed their elegant rich green.

I thanked them even though I really preferred palm trees.  

There are some that might say, “Why are you thanking the trees, that you don’t prefer…and the sky? It’s beautiful…yes, but they’re always there. It’s an ordinary process. Day…night…sunlight.” 

The answer took some time of meditation and reflection. It is not the dis-appreciation that attracts what you want in life. It is the appreciation. Tuning into a vibe of…“bringing into” instead of repelling and pushing away with negativity. In simpler terms, tune in…like you would a radio station or podcast. What station do you want to listen to? If you keep listening to the Bashing, Complaining, Unappreciative  station, you will continue to attract that into your life. 

If you’re tired of not attracting the love & abundance in your life that you desire. Change YOUR station and tune into what YOU would like to attract. 

When you casually observe this painting at first glance, it may not seem very gratitude-y. In fact, it’s bold and strong. There is almost an invincibility and stately power that it seems to exude. That is precisely how you should take on your day. With a fresh boldness, invincibility and confidence that everything will go in your favor. After all, even life’s trials and tribulations are moving you in directions that even you can’t always predict. 

Stay well my beautiful friends ~ Inci