Fountain of Truth

Fountain of Truth | Inci Jones Artist

Fountain of Truth

Mixed Media

Is there such a thing as an all-knowing truth?

We search most often in vain for just the right inspiration that generates an internal peace.

Rich deep colors create a surround that creates a monolithic fountain-like focal point of pure innocent white.

There’s no perfect view of truth, for it is by its very nature designed to challenge internal discoveries from deep within.

The effervescence of the tides of age engenders no boundaries invoking the deepest of recessed thoughts surging to the surface – like a fountain that is not hobbled by nature’s tributaries.

The three figures observe the illumination and transcendence of the central figure who is evolving in mind, body and spirit, freeing the balance and inner peace we all strive to experience in our lives revealing to the initiate, the fountain of truth.