Rousting the Spirit

Rousting the Spirit | Inci Jones Artist

Rousting the Spirit – Mixed Media


This mesmerizing painting deeply shows the creative abilities we all have, and the joy and harmony it creates in our lives.

When you harness and draw from your creativity recurrently it helps to give even the simplest tasks more meaning and depth.

When one is finally in tune with the purpose of our creative soul and spirit, the manifesting process begins.

This Abstract Expressionist artwork depicts the auras of joy, creativity and living the creative life.

The figure in the bottom left corner exudes imaginativeness, love and excitement of discovering this state of mind.

The colorful gestures of warm and cool colors harmonize and contrast one another in a proverbial dance of colors.

Exploring deeper as your eyes move to the right, you will discover the negative (dark) forces being pushed out with the vibration of love and happiness making way for supportive energy.