Harmony in Red

Harmony in Red 2019 | Inci Jones Artist

Harmony in Red 2019

The evolution of my art always is surprising, even to me. How I envision the artwork does not always surface in reality. The process is truly an experience in creativity, entirely. From photography that I produce, to the end result of the finished work I have a complete experience in artistic expression.

In the artwork, Harmony in Red 2019, I realized that after I completed the piece, there was a congruent energy to Matisse’s vibrant red painting.

I, in no way compare my artwork to his; ever, but give a respectful “nod” to Matisse’s masterpiece, The Dessert: Harmony in Red; my modern day interpretation Harmony in Red 2019 deconstructs and simplifies, then rebuilds the elements of the iconic 1908 painting.

“This artwork takes Matisse’s well-known painting and re-imagines the scene with a more abstract mindset; while keeping the essence and interpretation in tact.”