Love is Not a Season

Love is not a Season | Inci Jones Artist

Love is Not a Season

mixed media







There have been thousands of books written on the subject of love. From William Shakespeare, the Brontë sisters to Nicholas Sparks, a romance novel expounds the trials and tribulations of love. Everyone wants to experience the feeling of love and being loved. It is intoxicating, encompassing, inviting, mysterious, and fires off chemistry in the body.

Evolutions of Love 

love, – The Comma: A friendship love, or someone you may just like. It may be brief but a pleasant respite for greater things on the horizon. 

love? – The Questioning: When you really start to like someone a lot…you start to question. Do they really like me? Do I really like them…am I falling in love? Do they love me? 

Love! –  The Exclamation: When you are giddy in love and are constantly telling each other and everyone around you how much in love you are. The oxytocin as well as a whole cavalcade of endorphins and chemicals are flowing throughout your body and brain making you feel happy and feel tingly and warm all over. 

Love… – The Ellipsis: The moments of hesitation, mood changes, tension, wavering of the feelings of love, leaving you insecure, out of balance and insecure.

LOVE. – The Period: The solid statement. You love each other through thick and thin. No matter what happens or doesn’t happen in life. Never doubting our faith in each other. 

But in reality, love is not delivered to us like a package from Amazon Prime. It seems to arrive when we least expect it.  You may just have met someone, and have the feeling that you have known them for a lifetime. Connecting and being in love happens on many levels – emotionally, spiritually and physically. It is a deep mutual respect that nurtures honesty, trust and integrity. This helps to build intimacy and a partnership that sparks chemistry in the relationship. Love is something you find within each other together.

As the relationship evolves, we meet somewhere in the middle of friendship and over the top honeymoon love in life. As our relationship settles into a nurturing balance of mature love and something that is beyond the puppy love that began the relationship. That constant growth assures us that there is not a season of love. It is constantly evolving, maturing and growing each and every day. 

“Love has its own time.

It always arrives when it’s least expected.”

 Inci Jones artist