Pregnant with Creativity

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Pregnant with Creativity

Mixed media


Imagination that is unbound generates thoughts and ideas that lead to creativity.

Moving from an outer world into your inner consciousness can be a difficult task, as inspirations need a nesting period of nurturing and development. 

Creative pregnancy is much like human development during pregnancy. It begins with a seed of thought. Then over time, it can be seconds, minutes or even a lifetime the thought develops into a creative consciousness, that evolves into a creative action. The mind, spirit and soul must go through a process where they trine to produce the frequency and channel of creativity to an earthly tangible form. 

With a physical pregnancy, it is common knowledge that there are moments when the unknown is frightening, and uncomfortable. The physical effects can push people to limits they didn’t think they could withstand. The same goes for creative pregnancy, there are moments of comfortless creative chafing, to the end results of blissful elation when the right elements coalesce in one another. 

For some, a source of inspiration may be nature or love, others are inspired by a series of events that occur in their lives that inspires their creativity. Then there are some creatives that rely on alcohol or drugs. But we won’t discuss those because we all know where that train goes, and it usually does not turn out very well. 

Most creatives ask, “What can we do to

speed up the process?”

What happens when creativity needs room to grow? How patient are we? Most creatives ask, “What can we do to speed up the process?” Kind of like print on demand, revised to creative on demand. Or do we have to dutifully and patiently wait until the creative muse grants us the ephemeral pearl of creativity? 

Is there one answer that fits this eternal question? I would be writing a fictional story if this were a true statement. From personal experience, there are a few things that you can do to make the muse appears when you need it most.

Self Care: I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase frequently. But it is true. First you must take care of yourself. For some this statement causes a little discomfort. It sounds selfish and self absorbed. In reality, how can you be “giving” by creating if you have nothing to give because you are depleted? You can’t…in fact it will end up depleting you so severely that you will not only, not create but you have the potential of becoming physically ill. Doing small, little things like taking a bath or giving yourself treats of kindness throughout the day are good ways of keeping your self care tank full. 

Tune In to Yourself: Be mindful of what you think about all day long. Meaning, don’t think about useless things that seem to take over what is really important to you. Substitute your anxious or negative thoughts with a pleasant one. Remember a good memory or think ahead about how it’s going to be when you do a particular task or getting together with some friends or someone you love. 

Tune Into a Positive Vibration: Have you ever noticed that the more things go wrong, the more wrong things seem to come into your life? There is a reason for this. You are not cursed, nor is there something wrong with you. You just are tuning into the wrong channel. We all can have uncontrollable circumstances happen sometimes, but where you focus can make all the difference in your outcome. When things get tough, think about the takeaway from the situation. What can you learn? How may this negative situation actually benefit you? How is it making you grow? The reason you need to do this is because like attracts like. A good example is you wouldn’t tune into a news station if you want to watch a cooking show. And I’m sure you would not be shocked if the cooking show wasn’t on, if you didn’t tune into the cooking show. Because you simply did not tune into the right channel. Remember that like attracts like, so be very mindful of what you are tuned into. You will be amazed at how effective this is in your life. 

Diet & Exercise: What you eat and how you put your body motion are very important to your physical and mental health. Eat a healthy diet of vegetables and fruits and small portions of proteins to keep healthy. Keep active, walking is a wonderful exercise that most people can participate in, and it’s a wonderful way to reflect and ponder. Your mind and body will be relaxed, and that is when the muse has the best opportunity to enter and inspire you with creativity. Also having a positive body image is vitally important. This seems to affect women more than men. There is an unrealistic expectation of what a woman is supposed to look like. Skinny and fitting into a size 0 is not a natural state for everyone. Keep a healthy weight that’s right for you, and just know that you are perfect just the way you are, no matter how much you weigh.

Making Room for Creativity: Try and make a special time for you to create. Schedule it in your week so you will have your creative time to look forward to. Some creatives rely on being “spontaneous” and may resist a schedule. But if you don’t schedule it into your week, you may put off your creativity time, and other “things” may seem more important, in the end you won’t accomplish any of your creative desires and goals. 

Preparing yourself for creativity is much like preparing for having a child. You become acutely aware that you need to take many small steps to prepare for childbirth. It is the same with your Creative Pregnancy. Savor and relish the small steps that lead to the cumulative birth of your creative endeavors. Keep curious and always look for the adventure in joy and learning.