Love | Inci Jones Artist


Sharing the creative process is the purest form of love that humans can express.

The creative process is intangible. They are thoughts, emotions and life experiences that translate into visual arts, music, dance and in some cases acting.

Creativity evolves from the creative’s creators past, present and future.
It also engages the viewers experiences of the past, present and future.

No one can tangibly grasp the emotions and life’s essences that has been placed into a creative work of art. The process is timeless. The artwork becomes timeless. Creative inspiration may visit in a delicate whisper or driving passion that drowns out everything that is in its path.

I am not defining the creativity in this statement because my thoughts immediately drift to Beethoven & Mozart, then to Van Gogh and Picasso, and performers like Pavarotti and Baryshnikov. They harnessed their talents and made them ‘sing’ with synchronicity, encompassing all the creativity and talent of the universe.