Rüya – (Dreams)

Rüya - (Dreams) | Inci Jones Artist

Rüya – (Dreams)
Mixed Media –  on canvas

There are so many types of rüya that one can experience in our lives.

A daydream that can entertain your mind when your soul needs a little encouragement or lifting from the sometimes stressful reality that modern day life can impart.

But the rüya that you experience when you go into a slumber, in the deepest of sleep, are the ones that can be disjointed, but offer insight and understanding into your life that you may feel unsure about.

Others believe that a rüya is the way that spirits and angels can communicate, navigate and guide you through your life’s purpose. Perhaps the only time our minds and spirits are open to a gentle whisper of guidance.

In the art composition Rüya, the images seem familiar…soothing yet slightly unsettling. Will this rüya decode, or send a message, or are the flashes of images that compose the dream just a way for the brain to clear your internal cache? Perhaps it’s a little of both.