Melange Rocher

Melange Rocher | Inci Jones Artist

Do you achieve 10,000 steps a day?

Most days my husband and I manage to clock in at about 6-7,000 steps not counting any walking in the house as the phones are most likely sitting on the kitchen counter, which seems to be the hub of where we all seem to congregate.

But the reason why I brought this up is because on our daily walk there is a beautiful arrangement of boulders on a hillside that I have been admiring for quite some time.

In the morning it is crisp with shades of grey with flecks of black in the granite, small fingers of moss here and there softens the craggily places and when it rains or is foggy the moss becomes a bright fuzzy shamrock green which adds a little color to the boulders.

Usually there is also sprinkling of pine needles in the crevices and a couple of pine cones that always seem to be artfully sitting on top, watching the world go by.

But then as the sun sets the boulders and their presence seem to become stately, yet warm, neighbors and somehow become more inviting. The boulders have a golden cast to their usual grey. Almost as if they are calling you to deviate from your destination for a short respite to visit with them for just a social moment.

In this piece I wanted to capture the social aspect of the boulders as well as the constantly changing personality that they display throughout the day.