Winter’s Water Lilies

Winter's Water Lilies | Inci Jones Artist

Winter’s Water Lilies


It’s easy to be a muse when in bloom, the unusualness of their habitat with their beautiful variations in form and colors make them instantly ‘interesting’. But as the water lily goes into a winter’s sleep not many want to wake them.

They seem tucked away for the winter in groups, huddling, almost holding hands like the otters to keep close with the ones they love so they don’t float away during their slumber.

There is also beautiful serenity to the scene in winter. Colors become more stark, sharp, deliberate, clear and mature. The new austerity the lilies display, enhances the clarity and sharpness that was not present during the splendor of their blooms.

The beautiful blooms are now a fond memory, but they all know that when spring arrives, there will be a grand awakening when the first bloomer emerges and one can almost hear the lilies waking from their winter’s slumber, audibly stretch and yawn to reach for the warming sun.