Reclining June

Reclining June | Inci Jones Artist

Reclining June – Acrylic on Canvas


A sensuousness that can be seen and felt abstractly. This painting embodies the feminine energies that surround all women. Female energy is filled with contradictions; being powerful but caring; sensitive but willing to fight the daily dragons, when the occasion arises.

Yet, there is such a polarity of what is expected of us. We are contributors to life itself, not just reproductively, but nurturing our loved one’s lives. Our energies are one of receptivity, nurturing and creating. It should be celebrated not considered “weak”. When we as women are expected that “we can do it all”, we deplete our energies and place ourselves in a contestant state of stress and anxiety, when perhaps our souls would rather not.

Reclining June embodies the quintessence of a warm, confident femininity that is in every woman. Comfortable in our own bodies, souls and minds.