Take the Path of Your Choosing

Take the Path of Your Choosing | Inci Jones Artist

Take the Path of Your Choosing

Mixed Media

We make choices everyday in life, from the simple to life changing.
But, how do we know if we’ve made the right decision?

It’s easy to struggle with decisions that we HAVE made.
Did I do the right thing? What if I… the questions seem to pop up just when you think you have everything figured out.

But just know that when you make a choice in life, you are making that choice because of a sum total of the experiences that you’ve had, and the generational experiences of your ancestors that your genes inherently know. Meaning, your ancestors have some influence over the decisions that you make everyday.

The theory behind this is that generationally your ancestors over the years help to mould the kind of person that you are today. Their experiences, their struggles and their victories still resonate with you and your spirit today. Recently I read that it takes over 4,000 people in your family tree to bring you to the moment that you were born. That is one monumental support team to have just to bring you to the planet earth.

With all the support the Universe gives you, never doubt your choices. Even if they seem not so good or totally bad at the time. If you ever have a moment when you are feeling like you didn’t make the right choice in life or didn’t say the right thing.

Just know you did…