Citrine Healing

Citrine Healing | Inci Jones Artist

Citrine Healing – Mixed Media

Hidden in every painting is a spiritual thought that can impart wisdom or an energy to replenish the soul. The artwork instantly invites you into a warm, comforting, but yet energizing space. In this painting my focus was to provide the viewer with the energy of abundance and prosperity by focusing on the citrine stones. 

This painting reimagines the citrine stone onto a canvas form. Bringing the habitat of the citrine stone, right into your environment. The citrine stones in the painting exudes the healing properties of warmth, abundance, and balancing energy.

When you view the painting it promotes an equilibrium of energy and mood. It stimulates the chakras and revs up the soul to take action. 

Citrine stimulates your creativity & imagination and can bring your dreams to fruition. The warm yellow stone encourages you to live life to the fullest with bright fresh beginnings, motivating the mind, and attracting wealth, manifesting abundance, prosperity and success. Clearing out the cobwebs and negative experiences of the past. 

To everyone that views this painting…wishing you extraordinary, colossal abundance and love in every area of your life.

Stay well my friends