The Universe Never Says No

The Universe Never Says No - Inci Jones Artist

The Universe Never Says No

How many times in the past year have you wished or prayed for something? In the past year that figure may have been higher than usual. Did the prayer/wish arrive in your life? A good portion of people probably did not have them answered. Why would this happen to you? If you prayed/wished for a particular thing to happen in your life. After all this prayer/wish would have made your life easier, happier or just better.

This is where people get frustrated and angry and say, “I prayed with all my heart and it still never happened…why? Life is so unfair, I’m just unlucky.”

You are not alone. We all have felt this way at one point or another in our lives. Life seems so much like the lottery. If you have the “winning combination” then you are the lucky one. The rest of the unlucky souls will have to suffer in their murky swamp of unhappiness.  

It’s an endless loop of praying with not very good results. Kind of like a caged hamster in the hamster wheel running endlessly. You just aren’t’ getting anywhere. 

You may relate to this progression of actions when praying/wishing for things to get better:


Pray/wish → Pleading → Begging → Becoming desperate and bargaining → Giving Up.


You may have your own progression, but this is a basic pattern that applies to most people. Then comes the thought, “ I’m a good person. I do good things in my life. Why doesn’t my prayer/wish get answered?” Some would say, “Look at my neighbor, she always gets what she wants, and they’re not particularly good human beings. They must have some magic secret to get their prayer/wish heard. I guess I’m just being punished for some unknown reason.”

Just know, you are not being punished by having your prayers unanswered. Nor does your neighbor have magical powers. The Universe does not judge your character, or the kind of person you are in life when doling out answers to prayers. It only mirrors the energy that it receives.

You Asked for It

The Universe only responds to the energy that you put forth. And it matches the vibration that you put out. Meaning, if you pray about your financial troubles like, “ I need to make my car payment by Wednesday, and I don’t have the money to do it.” Keep in mind, the Universe says “yes” at all times. So if you pray about your financial troubles. Then it will answer you with a resounding YES to more financial troubles. Because it answers your prayers, even if you just prayed (inadvertently) for lack in your life. The Universe is very literal, just like a computer. You pray for more money, which means you don’t have any, and you will receive your answered prayer of less money.

The same goes for any prayer or wish in your life. You pray about the trouble you are having, and you will get a big fat YES and receive more of what you didn’t want. More of the problem because that is exactly what you asked for. 

Are You Accidentally Praying for More Lack?

Are you starting to notice there is a common thread? Perhaps asking for what you do want in your life will garner better results. Please don’t use the caveman approach, “I want money now…gimme.” Because that approach also focuses on something you don’t have, and you want something. Which means you don’t have it…and it is a lack of having what you actually desire. 

Getting More Yes’s from the Universe

Learn how to ask: Because the Universe will always grant your prayer/wish, you just have to learn how to ask correctly. 

Here’s an example: “Thank you for the abundance of money in my life.” 

Just remember back to being a child. What is the first thing you are taught as a kid by your parents? When you receive something, you thank them for it. What better way to get the ball rolling for getting your prayers answered by thanking the Universe – which means you received something. Start off any prayer/wish with “thank you”, then progress to what you desire in your life, not what you don’t want. 

Cut Out the Crappy Inner Dialogue: This one is a hard one to tackle. But since I am the queen of inner dialogue, I can give you an important pointer. Just don’t go there. The more you avoid this kind of inner chatter, the better off you are. You literally have to cut yourself off from the negative dialogue – cold turkey. If it starts, change the subject in your head. At first, it’s a little hard, and kind of weird. After all, it’s a change from the normal pattern that you have established in your head. But when you practice this method for a few days, you will get the hang of it, and the process will start to become easier. In a week or so, you will be amazed at how good you feel and all of the things you have accomplished.

Cut Out the Crappy Outer Dialogue: Do you catch yourself saying negative things out loud and setting the scene for attracting negativity? 

For instance, you say to your friend, “I keep trying but nothing’s happening. I guess I’m just not lucky.” or “I guess it’s just not meant for me to ______”. Remember when you monitored your inner dialogue? You will need to monitor your outer dialogue too, the one that everyone listens to and hears, including the Universe. 

“The Universe loves to say YES to those that contribute to its knowledge, love and happiness.”

Inci Jones Artist 

Remember Going to a Restaurant? 

I know… it’s been awhile for most of us. But remember back to when you went to your favorite restaurant? You are in the car going for lunch/dinner, you are happy and look forward to a delicious meal. In fact, in most cases, you probably already know what you want to eat, where you want to sit, and what time you would like to arrive. Once there, you look at the menu, just in case you want to order something new or different. Then you place your order and wait for the food to be served at your table. Did you have to plead, beg, make deals or give up? You just knew the food would arrive the way you ordered it, and you didn’t have to worry. The Universe is just like that. Put your in your positive request and wait for the answer. 

An old saying in many different religions is, “Ask and you will receive.” That doesn’t mean that you can just sit back and do absolutely nothing. The Universe needs some cooperation, positive thoughts and momentum from you. But don’t focus on the outcome. Focus on how much you are enjoying the process. 

First and foremost, be mindful of the vibrations you send out, because that is what will be directed back to you. Keep faith and be certain, The Universe has your back and will deliver what you need. 

I hope you will benefit in your mission of learning to better understand how the Universe is more than happy to say YES and grant your prayers/wishes. It’s just a matter of keeping a positive faith that will never let you down. 


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