Unbound Eden

Unbound Eden Unbound Eden | Mixed Media | Inci Jones Artist

Unbound Eden


Cascading the brink of water and tree

Granite became soft and held onto me.

An unlikely chair with grooves and yarrow.

Cradling my shoes, although a bit narrow.


The river splashed a greenish-blue

Tree leaves above dappled the view.

There weren’t any animals

Or even a bird

They all hid from me

Because they heard.


Somewhere under a log and tree

A small little spider crossed in front of me.

Spinning its web and tapped out a code

Then they all fled and nobody told. 


For they thought that this place to be.

Keeping hidden from the humans to see.

They kept themselves quiet while moving about.

Supposing later without a doubt.


They would jump to their house

Or a little dirt mound

And peek out at me

As the animals came out

One by one they walked out to see

The unbound Eden came to be.